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Who Can Attend?

Which Students will Participate?

TPSS Juniors and Seniors seeking advanced credentials and courses and on-track for graduation can take classes at the AC&C Magnet Center. We had a 200 student enrollment at the AC&C Magnet Center in the 2023-2024 school year.  We expect to surpass that amount in 2024-2025 and will be offering well over a dozen new classes next school year.  Some classes have additional enrollment requirements that are dictated by that school of higher learning: Southeastern Louisiana University, Louisiana State University, or Northshore Technical Community College.  Their enrollment requirements are available on their websites as well as in our course description guide and in the TPSS and College Handbook Guide.

Career and Technical Education courses are open to all students. All career and technical education opportunities will be offered regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, or disability.

Will Participation Shift Over Time?

There will be no shift in eligibility - all Juniors and Seniors enrolled in a TPSS high school will be eligible to participate in the AC&C Center from the beginning of the launch. As we add more academies, our capacity will grow from 3 academies (max 300) to 6 academies by Fall 2025.


Is programming opt-in, opt-out, or required?

The program is opt-in. In order to be eligible for AC&C courses, students must have enough credit to be classified as at least a junior and on track to graduate.