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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Advanced College and Career Readiness Center is to expand pathways for over 2000 11th - 12th grade students across seven schools in TPSS. By allowing teachers to be centrally located within The Center, TPSS juniors and seniors will have increased access to Advanced Placement (AP) and dual enrollment courses, as well as opportunities to attain basic and advanced credentials. This innovation will support students’ college and career readiness, so they are able to access meaningful post-secondary opportunities.


Vision Statement

By September 2025, all graduating students will exit TPSS college and career ready so that they are prepared for whatever meaningful path they choose to take. Additionally, all students will graduate TPSS with an advanced credential.

By September 2025, TPSS will see six fully-functioning academies that will benefit students either pursuing 1) 2-year and 4-year postsecondary options, and/or 2) career or workforce opportunities. 

Stakeholders will observe students from all seven high schools enrolling, participating and succeeding in AP and dual enrollment courses with the flexibility for students to obtain college credit and/or advanced credentials. Stakeholders will also observe the collaboration between TPSS educators, workforce professionals and postsecondary institutions, who will work in partnership for student success.

If TPSS had not pursued this Reimagine Action, one would observe lower graduation rates, decreased college persistence and increased discrepancies amongst subgroups in pursuing AP and dual enrollment courses.


Alignment to System Vision

TPSS’s mission is to provide every student a high-quality education and a pathway to success. TPSS’s vision is to work in partnership with families and the community to build a safe and innovative environment where every student will be career ready.

This Reimagine Action is aligned to TPSS’s strategic plan, which has five priorities aligned to student achievement and addresses mission key results, including: 1) increasing the percentage of student graduating with college credit and basic and/or advanced state credentials and 2) increasing enrollment of African-American students in AP and dual enrollment courses. Further, the Reimagine Action will support in mitigating existing barriers to access, specifically smaller schools who do not have the schedules, space or staff to offer advanced courses and challenges around personnel certifications limiting the pathways that may be offered. Leveraging the Reimagine Action, the Center will expand existing opportunities to increase student belonging and give access to diverse pathways, which will honor student choice for their desired path.


Systemic Reimagining

The Center will have a transformational impact on current and future graduating students as it will demonstrate that offering equitable access to rigorous, advanced coursework and advanced credentials increases opportunities for minority subgroups and helps mitigate the impact of the opportunity gap.

The Center will become a model within Louisiana for other school systems who are seeking ways to not only combine financial resources but also expand opportunities for all students; this increases the overall accountability score of schools and the district.

Finally, the Center will illustrate the impact of collaboration with parish partners to improve access and college and career attainment for all students, as well as removing the stigma associated with choosing one pathway over another.

The Reimagine Action will impact all seven high schools in TPSS as well as Independence Magnet Middle School; IMMS will be reconfigured such that two grade levels are sent to the elementary and high school.